Easter – the Greatest Event in the Christian Faith

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Easter is the greatest event in the Christian faith because it is the resurrection of Jesus Christ after His death from crucifixion at The Calvary.  It is the culminating point of His mission to save mankind from the bonds of sin.  The resurrection of Christ forms the very foundation of the faith.

Easter signifies a new spiritual birth for believers. In the Philippines, this event is greeted through the “Salubong” ,a celebration done at early dawn to commemorate the meeting of the Resurrected Christ with His Mother Mary.  Little girls dressed as angels lift the veil of mourning from Mother Mary and is proceeded by a shower of flowers and a song of joy and exultation.

There are traditional liturgical observations done before this.  The ceremony begins in total darkness and the blessing of the Easter fire as represented by the large Paschal candle.  The Easter Proclamation is chanted during this time.  After a  number of readings, the singing of the Gloria follows and the Gospel of the Resurrection is proclaimed.  This is when the church is lighted and bells are rung.

It is believed that this is the best time for converts to be baptized since it is also the time for believers to renew their baptismal vows.  After reciting of the vows, all attendees are sprinkled with holy water. The celebration of the Holy Eucharist signals the end of the Easter Vigil and the celebration of Easter itself.

The Western tradition of Easter celebration is rooted in some representations such as the Easter bunny and the Easter egg.  The Easter Bunny is the gift-giving equivalent of Santa Claus during Christmas.  Since an egg is a traditional symbol of fertility and new life, it is also used as an Easter symbol.  Children are usually treated to an Easter egg hunt using eggs they have decorated themselves.

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