Love Our Enemies: A Difficult Commandment


Of all the teachings and commandments that Jesus has directed the faithful to do, the one that directs us to love our enemies is one of the most difficult to obey. Can you imagine loving a person that persecutes you, makes life difficult for you and your loved ones, or hurts you in any way? The most natural thing to do is to hate these people but Jesus asks us to go above the human level of reaction and commands us to “Love Your Enemies”.

It has been been said that we cannot call ourselves true followers of Christ if we are unable to do this difficult commandment. Jesus goes further by asking us ” to offer the other when someone strikes us in one cheek”. Truly, most of us would think that this is an impossibility.

To love our enemies is possible only through the grace of forgiveness. It is impossible to love without forgiving. Forgiving is not merely limited to thought but would require the forgiver to do some form of action to manifest such forgiveness.

If people find it difficult to forgive petty mistakes done by others to them, how much more difficult is it to forgive someone guilty of purposely committing a grave violation on your person? Extremely difficult but possible through the grace of God.

Forgiveness is a grace that benefits the giver more than the recipient. Although it could provide some degree of peace to the recipient or sometimes release that person from human punishment, the giver of forgiveness benefits from being released from the bondage of hatred that an unforgiving stance cultivates to the maximum.

We can help ourselves heal faster from a wrong done to us if we are able to follow this commandment. The ultimate test is to love the unlovable and to forgive the unforgivable. Once we open ourselves to this  possibility, God will do the rest for us.




8 thoughts on “Love Our Enemies: A Difficult Commandment

  1. True, it is never easy…but, Jesus and his disciples showed the best example by continuing to preach them about the promises of God and his Kingdom and went on doing this: “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink . . . Do not let yourself be conquered by the evil, but keep conquering the evil with the good.” – Romans 12:20, 21

  2. The best for human indeed, because so hard to love your enemy indeed, however if you do that, our place would be better..and hopefully to work more on this commandment.

  3. Well, everyone makes mistakes and no one is perfect. We get angry which is normal but to swear or to take a revenge is not right. Yes, forgiveness is good. Not only for the people who hurt you, but for yourself as well. It gives you peace; and God blesses those who have a humble heart.

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