Simbang Gabi Wishes and Prayers

An invitation for an interview with News to Go in Channel 11 with regards to a special segment about Simbang Gabi brought me face to face with my present thoughts about it. What started as a wish has now become a prayer. When before I wished for an easy life, now I prayed for the strength to face life, whether it be easy or difficult.

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A Fulfilled Wish

Many people associate the completion of the Simbang Gabi or Midnight Mass  to the granting of a wish. Just like my sister-in-law Levy who incorporated her and her husband’s desire to have a child with their attending and completing the Nine-Day Novena Masses, one cannot help but associate their son’s birth soon after as the fulfillment of that wish. Although the Catholic Church is quick to point out that there is no magic involved in the practice, this hasn’t prevented the faithful from lifting their innermost desires, dreams, and hopes to God.

An Answered Prayer

During my younger days, I did the same. I wished for material things and many others which I thought were the key to my happiness. For several years, I tried to complete the novena but never did until two years ago. During a very difficult time in my life, I found myself asking for a lifeline in what I saw then was the end of the line for me. My family and I attended the novena with nothing but a prayer to see us through. We did pull through, not without more challenges but this time countered by the growing strength of  faith.

Wish or Prayer

This year, I expect to again complete the Nine-Day Novena. I have human wishes inside my heart which only God will ever know. I say my prayers, trying to do it in action as well. Faced with the question from the reporter of the above interview of whether I got my wish after completing the Simbang Gabi, it took me only an instant to answer that I did. I only had to look back to realize that the miracle or magic happened inside me.

Our Simbang Gabi wishes and prayers including the practices attached to it are the things that still hold Christmas and spirituality together. Nothing assures us more of the presence of God than a sincere wish and prayer that has been granted. For the Catholic faithful however, answers will come in the way God deems best for us.

14 thoughts on “Simbang Gabi Wishes and Prayers

  1. I believe that instead of sacrificing we always think that there might be prizes when we do that, we sometimes forget to think the real meaning on why there is a Simbang Gabi.

  2. I admire people whose faith never wanes, being one who always questions whatever is presented. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1) So be it. ^_^

  3. I share your wish and prayer. I guess, as we get older and weathered many tough times, our wishes in life changes. The wish and prayer to be able to face life, easy or hard, is a mature wish. Hope all of our wishes come true. 🙂

  4. i guess, when we were young, we did wish for easier life for we were not so aware that we would go through so many challenges in life, and that what we really need is strength to face each challenges and faith to continue, however, as we grow older, we realized having an easier life is not a strength, and not a gift, but having strength is what we need to make our lives easier, so we change our prayers. I am so happy for you, to have your wish come true, the wish within.

  5. Nicely put. We always aim to weather all kinds of storm and we continually pray for strength and courage to brave all of them. I am with you in your prayers and wishing the same too for myself. Life is tough and we can only lift up everything to Him in prayer.

  6. I always put in mind what is a wish and what is a prayer… and this post is just a simple reminder that no matter what happens, we should keep our faith! 🙂

  7. One thing is sure though: God hears every single prayer we do, be it during Simbang Gabi or not. I pray for the same for myself, but more than anything else, my prayer is for others too to be strong and faithful, even when the odds around them are not the most desirable ones, especially those who have just gone through the worst devastation in life brought by the natural calamities.

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