Simple Lenten Practices to Observe

Lent is definitely a solemn religious observance. With the propensity of most people nowadays  to treat the no-work and no-classes days related to the season as vacation time, it can be very challenging to strictly follow the traditional ways. However, we can still observe simple Lenten practices so as not to forget the real reason for the season of Lent.


Seek Silence

The world we are living in now is really very noisy not only with actual sounds that we hear around us but also with our own inner noises of discontent and negativity. Most people associate being noisy with being happy when nothing can be farther from the truth. During the season of Lent, we are given the opportunity to choose silence over noise and use the time for prayer, contemplation, and coming to terms with our own issues towards the end of making us closer to God.

Reignite Zeal

We may be one of those people who totally forgot or choose to forget about the Lenten traditions we have grown up with. Reignite the zeal by participating once again in age-old traditions of going to mass, reconciling through confession, and being an active part of Lenten activities. There is nothing better than going back to our roots when we seek inner healing.

Go Positive

Instead of merely concentrating on what we should not be doing during Lent, we can go positive by thinking of what we can do to be true to the real meaning of the season. It asks us to make sacrifices  but these need not be limited to not eating or doing this and that. If you choose for example to abstain from doing your favorite fun activity during Lent, wouldn’t the time be more productively used if you choose to do volunteer work instead of griping over social media how much “sacrifice” you are doing?

A Reminder

As practicing Catholics, we are enjoined to observe Lent by remembering and commemorating the death and sacrifices of Jesus Christ in preparation for Easter which celebrates His resurrection. There is no need to do extreme physical sacrifices such as self-flagellation  or even appearing sad when we fast. Observing simple Lenten practices is enough. God knows our sacrifices.

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