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Praying is something that we can do anywhere we are. But for those times that I feel the need to be in a place of calm and inner rest, I think about the church or a convent. The Convent of Divine Mercy, more popularly known as the Pink Sisters Convent in Tagaytay, is one such place of contemplative prayer.


The convent is a part of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters which is a Roman Catholic congregation of cloistered nuns. The congregation was established by Saint Arnold Janssen on December 8, 1896 at Steyl, Holland with the assistance of Mary Mother Michael.  Fr. Janssen saw the need for a third congregation that would support the missionary work of two earlier established congregations tasked with missionary work.

This congregation’s support will come through prayers and sacrifice.  It has about 22 houses in 12 countries including the Philippines. The first house was established in Pennsylvania, USA.

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Pink Sisters

The convent became popularly known as such because of the nuns dressed in pink. These nuns can be seen kneeling or sitting before the altar whether there is a mass ongoing or not. They read and pray 24/7 for the various petitions of churchgoers dropped in the designated box.  The sisters can only be seen behind grills and talking with them is prohibited.

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Churchgoers write their petitions on a piece of paper and place it inside an envelope provided at the counter.  Many faithful attest to the intercessory power of the praying nuns as they share stories of granted wishes, some impossible to be granted by mere human effort. These testimonials and the sincere desire to feel peace in this often confusing world we live in have worked to attract people from different parts of the country.

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The Pink Sisters Convent Tagaytay can be reached by riding a jeepney or tricycle from the Olivarez Center in Tagaytay City.


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