La Vida Milagrosa

The articles found in this blog are all about the Catholic Religion.  However, the contents are not exclusive to Catholics and are offered as well to those who are interested to know more about Catholicism.  The author’s intention is merely to share how her faith has been a large part of pointing her life towards a positive direction while maintaining respect for people of different beliefs.

La Vida Milagrosa translates to “The Miraculous Life” with an accompanying tagline of Mi Fe, Mi Paz, Mi Descanso which translates to “My Faith, My Peace, My Rest”.


The Authorteresa martinez

Teresa Martinez – a mother by emotion, a writer by profession, and a blogger by intention.

Teresa or Teresay as she is called in the online community is a researcher and web content writer since 2005. Before settling into writing, her work experience was founded on the banking, advertising, and cooperative industries.

She is a regular contributor to various SplashPress Media Blogs.

While expecting to write as long as she is able, she ultimately hopes to reopen Ambos Mundos Restaurant Philippines.

More about her work in Google+


The Blog Manager eliziel daphne

Eliziel Daphne is a customer service champion and a digital marketing apprentice.  She has extensive experience in maintaining clients’ blogs which she has meticulously established. She pretty much does everything for her clients’ site except to write content but that she does as well in her own blog.


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