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The Practicing Catholic

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It takes more than the sacrament of Baptism to be considered practicing Catholics.  It would require truly understanding the faith and applying its truth in our everyday lives.  Witnessing for Christ is not only about quoting verses from the Bible, it is also about living the meaning of the words found in the Bible.

If we are to think about it, it is not at all easy to be at par with the standards that are required of us.  In fact, it can be very difficult and filled with obstacles.  It would require us to give something of ourselves in the form of time, talent, knowledge, and even financial resources.

A practicing Catholic is not merely determined by the performance of services and rituals as provided by the Church.  In order to be a good Catholic, actual acts of charity must be done while continuously praying and observing the prescribed practices of the faith.  There is a need to concretize the faith by being of help to others who are in need.

In the practice of the faith, words have to be accompanied by actions.  Without accompanying actions, our prayers will sound hollow and meaningless.  Catholicism merely becomes a religion but true actions make it our faith.

The possible acts of charity we can extend to people around us are unlimited.  There is not one act that will be greater than the other.  What is good about all this is that we are expected to provide such charity within our capacity.  No contribution can be so small as to be considered insignificant.  There can be no better form of evangelization than attesting to the truth of the Gospel through our words and actions.

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