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Defending the Faith

Catholics are bound to encounter opposition to the faith from the most subtle to the most vicious.  There will be many thoughts, information, and thinking that will encourage doubt and weakening of belief.  Catholics therefore , are called upon to defend the Faith not in a manner associated with violence and persecution but in a way that is steadfast and persevering in spite of difficulties.

Difficulties in life may prompt some Catholics to question the ways of God and then react by leaving the Faith.  Many have tried to find comfort on something or someone who can be seen or touched.  Catholics have been raised up to believe even without seeing and that is how faith is often defined for most of us.

It is almost impossible to have humans believe even without seeing.  Physical proof is how we get to verify questions in our mind.  The fact that we believe even without physical proof is a miracle in itself.

If we were to think more deeply and analyze the many times we have overcome problems we thought were unsolvable, we might just be able to find the proof that some of us may be trying to find.  Faith is something we hold on to and not something to throw at the first sign of inconvenience.

No one ever said that all Catholics are assured of all the good things in life.  It offers us one assurance though and that is there is a God who is looking after us, a God who knows us by name and knows all our troubles.  There is a God who will  make things possible but not necessarily easy.