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The Road to Discipleship

The road to discipleship is never smooth. The way to following the path of Jesus is in fact filled with obstacles. At the end of the road however is a rainbow that promises eternal life.

Discipleship is a calling. It is said that all of us are being called in varying ways and forms. It is up to us to answer.

What is good about discipleship is that we are being asked to help spread the Word of God within our own ability and capacity. We are not being required to be eloquent speakers, high-profile personalities, or materially wealthy people. We just need to be doing whatever it is we are doing for the glory of God and not ourselves.

Although the most evident form of spreading the word of God is preaching about His words orally, there are other ways of doing it. We can preach through our actions. No beautiful words can measure up to acts of kindness, acts of sincere caring, and acts of love for other people.

The most critical test of discipleship is applying God’s words on ourselves. It is very easy to preach to others what to do or what to say. It will always be the ultimate test for anyone who seeks to follow Jesus to apply His words on a personal level.

Knowing the Word of God is not enough. There is the responsibility to use that knowledge to serve others and guide them towards the path to Jesus. Sharing one’s personal discovery of Jesus is something we must do as real witnesses for Him.

“If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”

Everyone of us is given the free will to answer God’s call in the way we choose. His call is urgent as there are so many hungering for His words. The road to discipleship may be rough but as true disciples, we will have the capacity to face and withstand challenges and triumph over them. That is what God promises us.

True discipleship requires at least three things from those who wish to follow Jesus: prioritize God, give up material attachments, and carry personal cross. These are all very difficult to do in the human level. With God’s grace though, it can be done.