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When God Does Not Seem to Hear Our Prayers



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Desperate times need desperate prayers, right? Not necessarily. For even in the midst of desperation, God offers hope and solutions.

In this life, it is always possible that we will come across situations that will not only challenge us but push us to the brink of despair. They can break us but only if we let them. They can make us stronger if we allow God to work in his mysterious ways through our prayers.

But what if God does not seem to hear our prayers no matter how loud we say it, how frequent we recite it, and how desperate we present it? Do we give up on God? Do we threaten Him? Do we bargain with Him?

A person who has nothing and no one will always have God. That is a promise He has given and intends to keep. We just need to be patient and pray more for strength while waiting.

God does not want us to suffer but He wants us to learn. He wants us to discover the way to Him as we accept our own little crosses in life. We need to carry them just like how Jesus did with His own.

When you find yourself almost giving up on prayers, stop a while and breathe long and hard then resume. Pray harder, pray more, and pray with more humility. God holds in His hands the power to change things affecting us. Let us rely on His better judgment for our lives.

Hold on a while longer for the change may just be waiting around the corner. Let us not give up before His answer comes. It will be such a waste not to experience His beautiful plans for our lives merely because we gave up too soon.

Before giving up on prayer, pray one more time. Prayer always works.