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God Will Provide, Always

God will provide, always. This is a truth that is discovered in time as people go through their lives being provided for, one way or the other. Everything we need is within our reach but we tend to pursue it through all kinds of ways except through God’s help. The triumphs  we experience in everyday life is a proof that there is a God looking after us and looking out  for our needs in ways we cannot imagine.

Sometimes, in our earnest to pray for things we want, we fail to see that they have already been given. Maybe because they have been given in a different form from what we expect. Maybe we do not like to consider any other answer except those that we want delivered to us.

It is said thatGod answers our prayers either with a yes, no, or wait. Yes signifies that what we are asking will be beneficial for us and in accordance with our individual mission here on earth. No means that what we ask will not be good for us in the long run. Wait tells us that what we are asking for will be given in the perfect timing which is only known to God.

The wisdom of God in providing any of these answers comes from the perspective of someone who knows and sees everything. We often pray for something based on our view, not knowing its effects on ourselves and others. God’s answers invite us to ponder on the things we ask for, allowing us to consider possibilities that may not be very clear to us given our one-sided perspective.

Human needs and wants are endless. The feeling of contentment tends to be fleeting and temporary as we equate happiness with material possessions. God knows exactly what we need and He will give what we need exactly.

God will provide, always. There is nothing to fear. We do what we must and leave the rest to God.