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Jesus Christ

Name/s:  Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, Christ Jesus, Christ, Son of God

In the New Testament of the Holy Bible, it is said that Mary and Joseph were told by angels on different occasions to name their child Jesus.  The name Jesus means “Yahweh saves”.  Christ was originally a title that meant “the anointed one” or the Messiah.  By the human use of the name and the title, the name and the title eventually became one thus the name Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ’s parents were Mary and Joseph.  He was born in the town of Nazareth in Galilee. There had been references to Jesus’ brothers and sisters although it is not quite clear since the Greek word that has been translated as brother can also mean kinsman. His birth is traditionally celebrated on December 25 which is called Christmas in today’s language.  The counting of the current year which people are familiar with is based on the Gregorian calendar that was founded on a decision of Dionysius Exiguus, a 6th century monk to use Christ’s birth as the starting point of reference which was either referred to as 1 BC (Before Christ) or 1 AD (Anno Domini).  The date resulted from an estimation made based on the nativity accounts from the Gospels of Luke and Matthew in relation to other historical accounts.


Jesus Christ was estimated to have started His ministry at about 30 years old although the exact date and length cannot be determined.  Biblical scholars have placed the date somewhere in 27-29 AD.  It began with His baptism by John the Baptist and culminated in the Last Supper with the disciples.  His ministry was characterized by travelling, preaching, and making miracles.   His final ministry was preceded by a series of events which started in His triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and ended in the Last Supper.


Jesus Christ died through crucifixion as ordered by Pontius Pilate, the governor of Roman Judea at that time.  Modern astronomers have estimated His date of crucifixion at Friday, April 3, 33 AD/BC.  The observance of Holy Week more or less coincides with this given date.  This then places the age of Jesus at the time of His death at 33.

Resurrection and Ascension

The New Testament provides accounts of Jesus’ resurrection and ascension which was believed to have occurred on the first day of the week after crucifixion.  This is further believed to have happened on a Sunday thus the Easter Sunday celebration of Christians.  The Resurrection represents the triumph of Jesus over death.

Jesus Christ and Catholicism

Christianity is a religion that is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.  However, there are several denominations of the Christian faith that exists today and one of the largest is Catholicism.  There are differences in beliefs between and among Christian denominations although all agree that Jesus Christ is the Savior.