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Stampita Prayer 1: Don’t Quit Prayer

Don't Quit - La Vida Milagrosa

Image Source: morguefile.com/creative/xololounge

One of the most encouraging prayers there is, is the “Don’t Quit Prayer”. It speaks of acceptance that some things will go wrong, that the road ahead may be difficult to travel and full of challenges, that there may be lack in finances and material things, and that the mere act of smiling may be hard to do because of the heavy burden we carry. Never the less, it encourages us to rest when needed, to renew strength but never to quit.

It confirms that life will present situations that cannot be explained while reminding us not to give up since the solution we seek might just be around the corner, waiting to be harvested if only we persevered for one more day. It reminds us to be patient in waiting for what we have been seeking for quite some time. Everything will come in its own time and at the very right time meant for us.

Success is said to be just failure turned inside out. The difference may lie in just one more try and we’ll never really know just how close we are unless we see it to the finish. It ends with the emphasis on not letting go particularly during the most difficult times since it could be the turning point towards the attainment for what we seek.

It is easy to be bitter against God especially when we are going through very difficult situations that challenge our human capacity to interpret justice. It can be very hard to comprehend why “bad” things have to happen to good people. Jesus has said that the path to following Him is not easy but there are rewards that await those who do. The ultimate rewards may not be of the earthly kind but trust that Jesus will take care of our earthly needs as well.