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Stampita Prayer 1: Don’t Quit Prayer

Don't Quit - La Vida Milagrosa

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One of the most encouraging prayers there is, is the “Don’t Quit Prayer”. It speaks of acceptance that some things will go wrong, that the road ahead may be difficult to travel and full of challenges, that there may be lack in finances and material things, and that the mere act of smiling may be hard to do because of the heavy burden we carry. Never the less, it encourages us to rest when needed, to renew strength but never to quit.

It confirms that life will present situations that cannot be explained while reminding us not to give up since the solution we seek might just be around the corner, waiting to be harvested if only we persevered for one more day. It reminds us to be patient in waiting for what we have been seeking for quite some time. Everything will come in its own time and at the very right time meant for us.

Success is said to be just failure turned inside out. The difference may lie in just one more try and we’ll never really know just how close we are unless we see it to the finish. It ends with the emphasis on not letting go particularly during the most difficult times since it could be the turning point towards the attainment for what we seek.

It is easy to be bitter against God especially when we are going through very difficult situations that challenge our human capacity to interpret justice. It can be very hard to comprehend why “bad” things have to happen to good people. Jesus has said that the path to following Him is not easy but there are rewards that await those who do. The ultimate rewards may not be of the earthly kind but trust that Jesus will take care of our earthly needs as well.

My New Year Prayer

Image Source: flickr.com/photos/jenniferschwalm
Image Source: flickr.com/photos/jenniferschwalm


Thank you Lord for the year that just passed

Even with situations and people who seemed crass

Thank you for seeing me and my loved ones through

I won’t forget the days you had to carry us too.

Thank you for this day that marks a new year,

For the love and hope that overflows,

And now I know that in my deepest fear,

Your unending and unfailing love will show.

You lay my doubts to rest

And assure me that everything will be for the best

If ever I don’t hear you  the first time

Please show me the way one more time.

I offer myself to be a witness for you

A God that is all-knowing and forgiving too

Help me not to fail you

As I try to guide my family towards you.

Please be patient with me when I complain

Sometimes I have to try harder to go beyond the pain

I will not give up on myself if you won’t

Under your care despair is simply a don’t

In my moments of human weakness

Have mercy on me and bring me back to peace.

Grant me a life that is filled with you

And a death which will have its meaning in you.

My New Year Prayer is simple. I thank the Lord for the year 2013 even with its accompanying trials and problems. I am also very thankful for the new beginnings brought by the new year 2014. I submit all my worries and anxieties to God acknowledging that He knows what’s best for me. I ask his understanding when I fail along the way and pray that He bring me back to safety. Most of all, I pray of a life characterized by true faith in Him and a quiet and peaceful death when my mission is done.




When God Does Not Seem to Hear Our Prayers



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Desperate times need desperate prayers, right? Not necessarily. For even in the midst of desperation, God offers hope and solutions.

In this life, it is always possible that we will come across situations that will not only challenge us but push us to the brink of despair. They can break us but only if we let them. They can make us stronger if we allow God to work in his mysterious ways through our prayers.

But what if God does not seem to hear our prayers no matter how loud we say it, how frequent we recite it, and how desperate we present it? Do we give up on God? Do we threaten Him? Do we bargain with Him?

A person who has nothing and no one will always have God. That is a promise He has given and intends to keep. We just need to be patient and pray more for strength while waiting.

God does not want us to suffer but He wants us to learn. He wants us to discover the way to Him as we accept our own little crosses in life. We need to carry them just like how Jesus did with His own.

When you find yourself almost giving up on prayers, stop a while and breathe long and hard then resume. Pray harder, pray more, and pray with more humility. God holds in His hands the power to change things affecting us. Let us rely on His better judgment for our lives.

Hold on a while longer for the change may just be waiting around the corner. Let us not give up before His answer comes. It will be such a waste not to experience His beautiful plans for our lives merely because we gave up too soon.

Before giving up on prayer, pray one more time. Prayer always works.


The Strength of Praying in Numbers

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“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there in their midst.”

For many Catholics, prayer is something personal and done in private. Except for the basic prayers which Catholics have been taught to pray in unison with others in schools and churches, extemporaneous prayers recited in public were quite rare, at least in my view. Personally, I found it difficult to express myself in public through prayer.

It is only now that I have come to realize the power and strength of praying in numbers. In my own experience, the most difficult time to pray is while undergoing personal trials. Humans are naturally weaker physically and in spirit if a problem is directly affecting them. Although prayer during extreme trials is a natural recourse for many Catholics, not all can be as strong at all times. This is where praying in numbers can help. It is definitely better though that the person concerned joins the group in prayer.

Praying for another especially those in particular need is one of the most selfless act any person can do. It is easy enough to pray when we ask God to favor us a personal benefit. When we pray for something to be granted to someone we hardly even know or even to anyone besides ourselves, that manifests the depth and selflessness of our faith.

A group of people praying together for a common intention makes it possible to join the individual strengths of each person’s belief in one God. Faith is said to be the food of the soul. Among Catholics, we don’t even need to see to believe and have faith.

Prayer is a song of praise and gratitude. It is the two-way communication between us and God. It is also a weapon against despair, hopelessness, and fear. There can be no greater source of comfort than when other people join us in prayer. The power of prayer is not merely measured by “results” but also in how it carries us through good times and bad.


Stations of the Cross



The stations of the Cross is a series of pictures or depictions related to the Passion and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Also known as Via Dolorosa, Via Crucis, Way of Sorrows, or Way of the Cross, the faithful commemorates the final hours of Christ by physically moving through a set of stations while reflecting the significance of each.  It is one way of understanding the suffering and death of Christ.


Traditional Stations of the Cross

1st Station – Jesus is condemned to death.

2nd Station – Jesus carries His cross.

3rd Station – Jesus falls the first time.

4th station – Jesus meets His grieving mother.

5th Station – Simon helps Jesus carry the cross.

6th Station – Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.

7th Station – Jesus falls the second time.

8th Station – Jesus consoles the women of Jerusalem.

9th Station – Jesus falls the third time.

10th Station – Jesus is stripped of His clothes.

11th Station – Jesus is nailed to the cross.

12th Station – Jesus dies on the cross.

13th Station – Jesus is taken down from the cross.

14th Station – Jesus in laid in the tomb.

These stations are typically placed on the sidewalls of the church.  It is traditionally observed during the Fridays of Lent specifically on Good Friday of Holy Week.  The practice as a chapel devotion was began by St. Francis of Assisi.  However, the more extensive practice was encouraged by pious pilgrims to Jerusalem.

Christ’s journey to Calvary is sought to be relived through this pilgrimage, albeit in minimal form when confined in a particular church or place.  There were some variations in number of the stations during the early practice but fourteen came out as the designated number by church authorities.  Many are in the belief that the ascension of Christ should have been designated as the fifteenth station to complete the story.  Never the less, fourteen remains to be the official number as of this writing.

The Practicing Catholic

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It takes more than the sacrament of Baptism to be considered practicing Catholics.  It would require truly understanding the faith and applying its truth in our everyday lives.  Witnessing for Christ is not only about quoting verses from the Bible, it is also about living the meaning of the words found in the Bible.

If we are to think about it, it is not at all easy to be at par with the standards that are required of us.  In fact, it can be very difficult and filled with obstacles.  It would require us to give something of ourselves in the form of time, talent, knowledge, and even financial resources.

A practicing Catholic is not merely determined by the performance of services and rituals as provided by the Church.  In order to be a good Catholic, actual acts of charity must be done while continuously praying and observing the prescribed practices of the faith.  There is a need to concretize the faith by being of help to others who are in need.

In the practice of the faith, words have to be accompanied by actions.  Without accompanying actions, our prayers will sound hollow and meaningless.  Catholicism merely becomes a religion but true actions make it our faith.

The possible acts of charity we can extend to people around us are unlimited.  There is not one act that will be greater than the other.  What is good about all this is that we are expected to provide such charity within our capacity.  No contribution can be so small as to be considered insignificant.  There can be no better form of evangelization than attesting to the truth of the Gospel through our words and actions.

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