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My New Year Prayer

Image Source: flickr.com/photos/jenniferschwalm
Image Source: flickr.com/photos/jenniferschwalm


Thank you Lord for the year that just passed

Even with situations and people who seemed crass

Thank you for seeing me and my loved ones through

I won’t forget the days you had to carry us too.

Thank you for this day that marks a new year,

For the love and hope that overflows,

And now I know that in my deepest fear,

Your unending and unfailing love will show.

You lay my doubts to rest

And assure me that everything will be for the best

If ever I don’t hear you ┬áthe first time

Please show me the way one more time.

I offer myself to be a witness for you

A God that is all-knowing and forgiving too

Help me not to fail you

As I try to guide my family towards you.

Please be patient with me when I complain

Sometimes I have to try harder to go beyond the pain

I will not give up on myself if you won’t

Under your care despair is simply a don’t

In my moments of human weakness

Have mercy on me and bring me back to peace.

Grant me a life that is filled with you

And a death which will have its meaning in you.

My New Year Prayer is simple. I thank the Lord for the year 2013 even with its accompanying trials and problems. I am also very thankful for the new beginnings brought by the new year 2014. I submit all my worries and anxieties to God acknowledging that He knows what’s best for me. I ask his understanding when I fail along the way and pray that He bring me back to safety. Most of all, I pray of a life characterized by true faith in Him and a quiet and peaceful death when my mission is done.