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The Strength of Praying in Numbers

Image: thejoyfulcatholic.wordpress.com

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am there in their midst.”

For many Catholics, prayer is something personal and done in private. Except for the basic prayers which Catholics have been taught to pray in unison with others in schools and churches, extemporaneous prayers recited in public were quite rare, at least in my view. Personally, I found it difficult to express myself in public through prayer.

It is only now that I have come to realize the power and strength of praying in numbers. In my own experience, the most difficult time to pray is while undergoing personal trials. Humans are naturally weaker physically and in spirit if a problem is directly affecting them. Although prayer during extreme trials is a natural recourse for many Catholics, not all can be as strong at all times. This is where praying in numbers can help. It is definitely better though that the person concerned joins the group in prayer.

Praying for another especially those in particular need is one of the most selfless act any person can do. It is easy enough to pray when we ask God to favor us a personal benefit. When we pray for something to be granted to someone we hardly even know or even to anyone besides ourselves, that manifests the depth and selflessness of our faith.

A group of people praying together for a common intention makes it possible to join the individual strengths of each person’s belief in one God. Faith is said to be the food of the soul. Among Catholics, we don’t even need to see to believe and have faith.

Prayer is a song of praise and gratitude. It is the two-way communication between us and God. It is also a weapon against despair, hopelessness, and fear. There can be no greater source of comfort than when other people join us in prayer. The power of prayer is not merely measured by “results” but also in how it carries us through good times and bad.