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Under God’s Protection

I have never doubted that I am always under God’s protection. That is even if I am not actually at my best. I know in my heart that this is true and it has once more been proven one seemingly uneventful day.

This happened one day when I went to Quiapo in Manila to meet with someone regarding some documents I needed to submit. Being a strong believer in the Black Nazarene , I always make it a point to pass by the Quiapo Church whenever I am in the area. This is even if there is no particular favor I wish to bring to God’s attention.

I was actually in a rush that day to go home so I rode the first jeepney that passed in front of me. I am usually more cautious than that and tend to look at other passengers first for any sign of risk before I go in.  The only chance I got to do that was when I was already inside paying for my fare.

Almost instantaneously upon taking my seat, I felt an unexplained chill come over me. I raised my eyes just in time to see the man in front of me and the man beside me exchanging suspicious glances at each other and then me.  Without passing judgment on their character based on how they look , I knew that I and the other passengers who were mostly women, were in serious trouble.

My instincts are telling me to go down and ride another but I literally froze with fear. I remembered my children, two of which are still very young, and how difficult it would be if something bad was to happen to me. The best I could manage was to pray one Our Father.

The jeepney we were riding stopped upon reaching a red light. The man in front of me tried to transfer to my side as well but suddenly changed his mind. I looked around and saw that a police mobile car pulled to a stop beside us and I can see that there were two uniformed policemen inside. Out of nowhere, a man in civilian clothes who identified himself also as a policeman commanded the two suspicious men to go down. He informed us that these two were identified snatchers in the area.

That one Our Father I prayed was automatic, out of habit of knowing no other way to ask for protection and assistance from God. I am amazed at His prompt answer. I am grateful that He chooses to keep me safe.

Image: www.faithwithoutborders.com