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Encouraging Catholics to Practice the Faith


Many people commit the mistake of thinking that they can convince Catholics or people from other religion for that matter to actively practice the faith through threats, scare tactics, or bribing with the promise of a specific benefit. Since everyone is being enjoined to be part of active evangelization to help bring back people to active practice beyond rituals and ceremonies, there is a need to discover the effective means that could help accomplish the goal. It is believed that the way lies in witnessing for Christ and in leading a life that is worthy of emulation by others.

Everyone who speaks in the name of Christ ultimately finds himself or herself being under the scrutiny of people he or she is reaching out to. The power of convincing will not depend on eloquence but rather on the manifestation of the presence of Christ in the lives of those who speak. This is the very reason why it can be difficult to witness for Christ. People will pass on judgment based on what they see.

If they see someone who deals with others with respect, empathy, and justice, the connection of such attitude with the service to Christ is easily appreciated. If they see someone who is able to accept difficulties while lifting them up to God, they will see the difference. If they see someone who is able to forgive those who wronged him or her, then they will see how the true grace of God works.

Passive Catholics are called upon to wake up and rise to the occasion of practicing the faith and then evangelizing. We can no longer afford not to be involved especially because of the many challenges being faced by the Church today. It is part of our responsibility to spread the good news of salvation, mercy, and love. Through example, we hope to help in encouraging Catholics to choose to practice the faith with more conviction and humility.


Witnessing for Christ


Modern-day Catholics are called upon to be witnesses for Christ in the same way that the apostles were called upon to do so during their time. Witnessing for Christ is essentially about providing credibility to His existence through our personal experiences. People who have seen Jesus during His life on earth shared their personal accounts as we now read it in the Bible specifically in the New Testament. At least one book (John) is believed to be authored by a person who belonged to the inner circle of Christ. The rest of the books were written by followers of a later time.

In this time and age where Jesus Christ is no longer physically with us, how are we as Catholics expected to witness for Him? One of the critical components of our faith is the capacity to believe even without actually seeing Christ in front of us. This does not constitute a blind faith since a practicing Catholic believer will be able to acknowledge the existence of Christ in his life through his or her personal experiences.

Catholics believe that Christ’s mission on earth culminated in His Death, Resurrection, and Ascension. Christ’s second coming is not to be feared but rather anticipated because it is part of God’s promise of salvation to mankind. Before that time comes, followers are expected to share in the responsibility of sharing God’s message to others.

Witnesses are seen as credible if they themselves have actual knowledge of something by being in a specific place and time where an incident happens. When Jesus passed on the ministry to Peter who eventually became recognized as the first Pope, He likewise passed on the responsibility of spreading the Word of God and this was done through the institution of the Church. Peter and others who have come before have witnessed for Christ in their own capacities. Catholics of today are enjoined to do their part not by sharing just any other story but by making known miracles in various forms that will support the belief that Jesus Christ is very much alive in today’s time. By witnessing for Christ, we are able to extend the benefit of being with Jesus to others who are still searching for Him.